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Thursday, October 30, 2008

How fitting!

Or...uh...not fitting! Depending how badly you gorged on Halloween candy. I'll plead the 5th. Well this at least gives me a great segway into my next blog post!

I wanted to share about an fantastic all-women gym in Rochester, NH. I've been going to Body in Balance since February and since then I've lost 30 pounds! Having two children almost back to back did a number on my body and I just couldn't shake the weight I gained. During the beginning of the year I started doing Weight Watchers on my own, basically just watching my point count. But when I added in the consistent exercise, that's when I truly saw results! And when all was said and done, I was actually a pants size smaller then before I had kids, even though I weighed almost the same. It was thanks to all the new muscles and metabolism boost that the exercise gave me.
Joanne and Jessica are the fabulous mother/daughter owners of the gym. They are very personable and will truly get to know you and your fitness needs. They'll work right with you setting up a program that will meet your goals. Also, the other members are so friendly and I love the female company when I go to workout. What a nice escape from the chaos of two young kids!

I highly encourage you to check their website and give them a call to set up an appointment to check out the gym. It will be the best decision you make! The membership fee is very reasonable and you'll feel fantastic after you go, I promise!

Hope to see you there sometime!

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