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Friday, February 13, 2009

Why join a CSA and other ramblings

First off, happy almost Valentine's day! Anybody have something fun planned? How about checking out the CSA Fair being held at the Portsmouth Library? Isn't that romantic? Well it is in the morning so you still have all evening to woo you significant other! Here are some great reasons why you should join a CSA (Adapted from Monica Goldberg's, "16 Reasons to Join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm" 2002). (I do realize this emphasis organic produce, which I would highly encourage you to seek out at the fair).

Better flavor: Organic vegetables have a rich and full flavor. That's why many chefs select organic food for their recipes. Since organic farming nourishes the soil, the food nourishes our palates. Better tasting means you'll eat more veggies and eat some that you may not have liked before.

More Nutritious: Freshly picked organic produce grown without pesticides and sprays are more nutritious than conventionally grown vegetables.

Safer Food: Your produce comes directly from your farmer. No risk of your food getting damaged or spoiled due to long-distance shipping. Most CSA's grow using organic methods. Organic produce is grown without pesticides or sprays. Pesticides are poisons and can be harmful to humans.

Save Money: CSA's offer high quality produce at below retail cost. The money goes directly to the farmer instead of paying distributors and trucking companies, and it stays your local economy.

Save Time: You pick up a box or bag of fresh vegetables already packed for you. No shopping hassles. Easy pick up at another member's home or on the farm. Select a convenient drop off site near work or home.

Selection: Farmers grow more vegetable varieties than found at the grocery store. You'll enjoy and discover more vegetable varieties than you might otherwise buy.

Farmer to Family Connection: A CSA is a relationship between a rural farmer and an urban family. The farm helps bring families to the land. It serves as a rural gathering place for urban families to share together events on the farm.

Fun: Experience fun on the farm with harvest festivals, dinners, celebrations, field days, family events and more.

Education: You'll learn new things about how and where your food is grown.

Protect Your Children: Children are exposed to four times as many cancer-causing pesticides in their food as adults. Organic food contains no carcinogenic pesticides.

I couldn't agree more! So if you're new to CSAs or just want to see what's available this summer, be sure to stop by the Portsmouth Library tomorrow. And if you're not local to NH or missed the fair, be sure to check out Local Harvest to search for farms and CSA's.

Next is a little freebie I wanted to alert you to. Now I know nothing about this particular magazine, but they are offering a free subscription and it seems right up my "homesteading" alley. Enjoy!
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Anthony-Masterson Photography February 17, 2009 at 10:41 AM  

Love your blog Virginia.

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