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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Go Fish!

From Seacoast Eat Local:

Starting the second week in October, Eastman’s Fresh Catch, the same folks that have been offering an amazing fish CSF (Community Supported Fishery, like a CSA) at the Exeter and Rye Farmers’ Markets this summer, will offer a pick up at Lasting Legacy Farm in Barrington for a 12-week share:

Fresh Fish Co-op starting in October at Lasting Legacy Farm

Are you looking for a source of fresh local wild-caught fish for you and your family?

Each week for 12 weeks “catch of the day” will be delivered to Lasting Legacy Farm for your local convenience.

Thanks to Eastman Local Catch – a husband and wife team - we will receive 2 lbs of fresh fish per week for 12 weeks at the prepaid price of $190.00 starting the second week in October.

Types of Seafood Available: Your weekly share from the fisherman’s catch will consist of the freshest fish and could consist of a variety of haddock, pollock, cod, flounder, monkfish or ocean catfish. Fish are cleaned, filleted and packed on ice at Eastman market in Seabrook Beach and then go to Lasting Legacy Farm.

Recipes will be included for “fresh” ideas.

Details of Pick-up Day and Dates will be given once size of co-op is known.
Payment is due before October 1 made out to EASTMAN’S FISH

E-mail Wendy Berry wberry@llfarm.net for additional information or to sign up for this fresh fish CSF.

For more information on the Community Supported Fishery model (and why its a very very good thing when thinking about sustainability and seafood!) visit NAMA’s website and nhseafood.com.


FleursRockAffair September 16, 2009 at 4:53 PM  

Ohhhh I am going to look into see if there is a program like that near me!

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