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Monday, November 16, 2009

Popper's Sausage Kitchen

Here's a nice sausage option for you! Popper's Sausage Kitchen runs a Sausage Club out of Dover, NH. The next pick-up is scheduled at the Seacoast Eat Local's Rollinsford Winter Market this coming Saturday (pick-up is at the Fresh Local booth). Orders are due by Wednesday, November 18th.

John "Popper" Medlin strives to use local ingredients by tapping their own maple trees, growing and drying their own chilis, and making their own red wine vinegar. They also pledge to purchase from local, natural, free-range, and/or organic sources as much as possible.

The top three PSK Sausages for your Thanksgiving stuffing
1. Breakfast- ginger, white pepper and sage
2. Fig and Brady - juniper, nutmeg, mace and clove
3. Garlic and Herb- garlic, savory, sage and marjoram

Here's what he has available for ordering:

Poppers Sausage Kitchen
Product List

Fresh Sausages

Bourneworst- My version of the house sausage from the butcher shop I trained at in the Netherlands. Soft flavors of nutmeg and clove with a with a touch of Dijon.
Smoked Bratwurst- Black cherry smoked and made with Smuttynose Star Island Single.
Maple Bourbons- Sweet maple and chili with a hint of sour mash. Best seller.
Hot Italians- Fennel, chilies, and house made red wine Vinegar round these out nicely.
Sweet Italians- fennel and tomato create an earthy sweetness.
Szechwan- Sweet soy and floral peppercorns. With a back note of heat.
Mexican Chorizo- cinnamon, Mexican oregano, garlic, dried poblano peppers and twelve other herbs and spices. Uncased.
Poblano Cumin- Fire roasted poblanos and toasted cumin. Perfect for tacos.
Blueberry Tarragon- lower bush berries and sweet anise Make these pancakes best friend.
French Garlic- fresh garlic, soft herbs and a nice French wine.
Fig and Brandy- Nutmeg, mace, clove and a touch of juniper. Great for casseroles or by themselves.
Poppers Breakfast- sage and ginger make this mild sausage eggs and toast happy, very happy. Loose not in casings.
Spiced Apple- Harvest spices and Flag Hills Apple Brandy make these memorable.
Cheddar Bay- Sharp cheddar and bay leaf. Gooey is great.
Ragin’ Cajun- Fresh onion sausage loaded with smoked Tasso ham.
Spanish Chorizo- This spicy sausage has nice back notes of oregano and garlic. Great with seafood or cold with cheese
Irish Bangers- Traditional Bangers. Herby with a pepper kick.

Other Good Things

Polish Kielbasa
- Beef and pork in this traditional favorite.
Smoked Bacon- Lightly cured and Black Cherry smoked.
Liverwurst- all pork liver, smooth and mild. Apples and fried onions added.

PSK Dogs

Pop Dogs
- Garlic and Onion make these not your average dog.
Hot Hot Dog- (H2D2) – Cayenne, Jalapeno, and Thai Chilies. It puts the HOT in the dog.
Dwatt Dawg- Chicken, BACON, cheddar, and herbs.
Weisswurst- Veal and pork. German white sausage with mustard, celery and onion.

Pork Pate’

Pork and Brandied Cranberries
- Wrapped in smoked Ham.
Spicy Apple- Apples bloomed in Flag Hill Wineries Calvados (Apple Brandy) and wrapped in Smoked Tasso Ham.

Prices are as follows:

Fresh Sausages- $7#
Smoked Sausages- $8#
Scrapple- $7#
Bacon -$7#
Thick sliced add $1.50
Pork Pie- $13
Hot Dogs- $10 for pack of 8
Pate'- $5 for 8oz.

To place your order you can call him at 603.534.3971 or by e-mail at popperchef @ yahoo.com


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