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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Portsmouth Sustainability Fair

The Fourth Annual Portsmouth Sustainability Fair 

Saturday, May 14, 2011, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
At a new location! Portsmouth Little Harbour School!

Joining together as community partners, Portsmouth Listens, Piscataqua Sustainability Initiative, The City of Portsmouth, and the Portsmouth School District announce the fourth annual Portsmouth Sustainability Fair on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at the Portsmouth Little Harbour School . Sustainability entrepreneurs will exhibit their ideas, products and projects. There will be an emphasis on slow and local food along with engaging environmental education for kids. Come enjoy, celebrate and learn. The Fair is an invitation to participate and contribute to the next steps we can take as individuals and collectively in making sustainability a reality.

The theme of the Fair will be The Natural Step Four System Conditions, as adopted in Portsmouth’s resolution to become an eco-municipality. Come experience and learn how The System Conditions give us a compass to guide us into a sustainable future.

Admission and Specialty Recycling

There is no admission fee, but people attending the Fair are asked to bring items for re-use or recycling and drop them off at either of the Entry Gates. We call it “Specialty Recycling”. The purpose is to raise awareness of the impact citizens can have on all four conditions of the Natural Step. Recycling or reuse limits or reduces the need for production and use of more fossil fuels and synthetic chemicals. Recycling or reuse also reduces encroachment on nature by limiting or reducing what is going into landfills; recycling helps meet human needs more fairly and efficiently as recycled or reused goods are utilized by persons of lesser economic means, or turned into cash for non-profits to use to fulfill their goals.

This year, our Specialty Recycling items include:

Cell Phones
Ink Cartridges
Books, CD’s and DVD’s
Used Clothing and Shoes

Most cell phones are 100% recyclable, and can generate approximately $1-3 for each cell phone recycled. Similarly ink cartridges can be turned into dollars with the proceeds donated to non-profit causes. Last year, the Fair recycled 165 cell phones and approximately 175 ink cartridges.

Eyeglasses (last year 92 pairs) are recycled to needy people throughout the world through the Lions’ Club. Books are recycled to new users at the Fair or through the school and public libraries (last year six boxes of books). Used clothing and shoes are recycled, reused or resold to assist needy people around the world. Last year, over three cubic yards of used clothing and shoes were recycled through Planet Aid.

The largest and most popular specialty recycling item is electronics. Electronics is just about anything you can plug into the wall. While most electronics can be recycled through the City recycling facility, the City has to charge for most electronic recyclables ($8 for a computer) and then pay a recycling fee of over $.10 per pound to have an electronics recycler haul and recycle the collected electronics. This year, the Fair is partnering up with CRT Processing/Uniwaste of Portsmouth, N.H. to collect and recycle the electronics and Samsung is sponsoring the poundage cost. Last year, Fairgoers recycled a staggering 7800 pounds of electronics saving local citizens an estimated $2500 in recycling fees; relieved the City of part of the usual burden of collecting and transferring the electronics; and facilitated an easier pickup of the recyclables. The Fair will be paying a nominal fee for sit costs, and is suggesting donations from electronics recyclers.

So, come one, come all, and bring as many “specialty recycling” items that you can carry, and help make your community more sustainable.


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