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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Haha, just kidding!

We did make it over to the Lee Country Fair! I actually went over alone in the morning to just visit the farmer's market and snag some of Tina's (Pinewoods Yankee Farm) ground beef. Once I got there though, I realized how great it was and how much fun my two monkeys would have.

So after naps the whole family packed up and headed back to the fair. We enjoyed patting the donkeys (isn't that guy cute?), checking out the chickens and turkeys, watching the balloon lady, eating fried dough, buying some more local honey and running in the field! Enjoy a few goofy pics...

Evan all ready for the fair (yes you can be a tough 2 yr. old with a love-y!)We're in a "no smile for the camera" stage with Lucy, but she's still cuteIn the stroller
It really was great for the kids and great grounds for walking with the stroller. Did anyone else get a chance to stop by?

Our next event will be the Rochester Fair. We'll probably be visiting the fair on Tuesday, September 16th because it's only $2 for admission from 12-3 pm and $1 kiddie rides. It's a great day to go and stretch that dollar, especially if you have children. Wednesday that week is Rochester Day where it's only $4 admission for all. Typically the kiddie rides don't open till 3 pm, so the Tuesday schedule works best for our family's schedule. I'll post more about this event as it nears. Let me know if you're thinking of going and maybe we can meet up!

In closing I'll leave you with this goofy picture of Lucy and me at the fair today.


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