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Friday, September 19, 2008

Living Green House Party

I've been selected to host a "Living Green House Party"! If you're not familiar, House Party is a website where you can sign up to host different themed parties. Per the website:

A House Party™ is a thousand parties on one day, in homes nationwide, with an exclusive brand experience at the center of the action.
If you're selected to host a party, they supply you with an appropriate party pack to go along with your party and also give you other tools to pull off a smashing party.

So I get to host a living green-themed party which only seems fitting for me and this blog. I've sent out a few invites to a couple of you, but if you're local to me and you're interested in coming, I'd love an e-mail from you. Now I'm just hoping no one creepy contacts me! Haha...well maybe we'll chat on the phone or meet up before the party! I am also planning on shipping out the husband with the toddlers.

Head over to the House Party website and check it out. And I hope to hear back from a few of you! ;)


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