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Monday, October 27, 2008

Coppal House Corn Maze & Farm

Are you looking for more fall activities to do? Two weekends ago, my mom and I took the kids to the Coppal House Corn Maze in Lee, NH. We all had a blast, though we did carry the kids through part of the maze. Scattered throughout the maze are mailboxes that will have a card inside with a question relating to dragonflies. If you get the question correct, you get the correct direction in which to head to complete the maze. Just don't run into the two "You're Lost!" signs!

In the farm store you can purchase all sorts of locally made items or pick a pumpkin to take home. On the weekends you can purchase a hayride as well. There are beautiful farm animals to pet as well. I think this horse thought my son was a carrot or something! They were so gentle though.

Also to note, Haunted Overload (their haunted attraction) will be going on this coming weekend. It's a pre-ticketed event, so be sure to pick up your tickets if this is your sort of thing! Too scary for me!


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