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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock-Op Local Foods Co-op

I forgot to update everyone about my first experience using a co-op to buy local food items.

First off, Lenore at Rock-Op Local Foods Coop is wonderful, such a sweetie. She's started this local co-op with orders going in every two weeks. She'll e-mail you a list of the available products from the various farms and you then have a few days to place your order. Pick up time is the following Tuesday from 4-7 pm in Brentwood, NH. I'm also willing to pick up orders with you subsequently picking up in Rochester, NH if you like. E-mail me at livinglocalnh @ gmail . com (remove spaces) to arrange details.

I purchased 3 tubes of ground beef, 2 pkgs of stew meat (one shown) and a tube of ground Italian sausage. These meat products came from Lasting Legacy Farm in Barrington, NH. I've already made chili with some of the ground beef, it was very good!

There's also a regular co-op, Rock-Op Co-op in Kingston, NH that you can discuss with Lenore. Also, Associated Buyers in Barrington, NH is another co-op. I may be looking into Associated Buyers.

You can contact Lenore for more information at lenorepsmith @ hotmail . com (remove spaces).


Geek+Nerd October 12, 2008 at 8:53 AM  

LL Farms meat is delicious - Wendy is so nice! I just met Lenore for the first time the other day when I took her cheesemaking class. She *is* a sweetie and I'm definitely looking into this co-op :)

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