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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Be...

As I've mentioned before I committed to do almost 100% of my Christmas shopping through local NH vendors, farmers, and craftsmen.

I wasn't holding out much hope for local-ness while visiting the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, but I was pleasantly surprised! I spotted a kiosk feature these great "Just Be" t-shirts, sweaters and kids apparel and was happy to find out that this was a NH based business.  (Make sure you get to the bottom of this post for the sweet deal I have for you!)

Michelle Pratt-Lienhart started Just Be Products LLC after a t-shirt making project at a local art college where she was teaching.  Here's her take on Just Be:
Just Be is a state of mind, a way of life, and a philosophy. It is a line of apparel and accessories not meant to inspire…but to Just Be. Just Be gear allows people to show the world how they like to Just Be.

Now I have been camping for my entire life (in tents, the only way to camp!) and was ecstatic when I saw the line of "Just Be A Camper" t-shirts and sweatshirts.  I knew it'd make a perfect Christmas gift for my dad.

I also picked up a Just Be A Hiker t-shirt for my brother-in-law who has been hiking the NH/ME mountains all year long.

There is also a line of Just Be products in organic cotton.  Check out this Just Be Green t-shirt (love the frog!):

There's also a great selection for the kiddos:

So here's the deal for you...right now at the kiosk (in the "D" section) at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester you can get $5 off any 2 tees and the sweatshirts are 20% off!  You can also order online and receive 20% off your order with this special code: 20%OFF .  I hope you'll join me in patronizing the local NH business and help keep your money in the local economy.  Just be!

You can also find Just Be on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The review here within is my own honest opinion of the product.  I was not paid to write this review and received no compensation for writing it.


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