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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Magnificiet Markets

Today was yet another glorious, albeit cold, day for two fabulous winter farmers' markets.

I started off at the Newmarket Winter Farmers' Market.  The first thing I spotted was two glorious racks of High Mowing Seed packets.  I hope you picked up a few packets for Christmas stocking stuffers!  Tuckaway Farm of Lee, NH had the seed setup and will be at the next Newmarket Farmers' Market on January 16th selling their vegetables, eggs and High Mowing seed packets.  (For more glowing reviews of High Mowing, head over to Amy's blog).

Peter Allen of Newfield's Own Produce still had copies of Nourishing Traditions, Holy Cows And Hog Heaven and Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal for sale at cost.  I have all three books and I must say they are all wonderful reads and what a great treat to have a local farmer take on the sale of these books at no profit to themselves.  He may be at the next market if he has food items to sell.  (He had chicken feet for sale today as well, makes great stock!)

I also spotted Dr. Tomato talking about his greenhouses he sells through his business, Healthy Home Harvest.  They also sell mushrooms and supposedly they sold out of their Oyster Mushrooms in less than 30 minutes!  You can subscribe to their newsletter and get updates as to when mushrooms are available.

After a nice chat with Jill, Newmarket Farmers' Market coordinator, I scooted over to Rollinsford, NH for the Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers' Market at the Wentworth Greenhouses.

Yet another bustling Saturday farmers market...in the dead of winter, none the less!  Who would have thought we'd need a police officer directing traffic for a WINTER farmers' market!?  So thanks to all the farmers, artisans, and hard workers who have labored on through the winter to bring us great nourishing foods!

I purchased some Yellow Eye beans from Sherman Farm in East Conway through Amy's generosity to drive up there.  So why am I telling you this?  Because to make true Maine baked beans, you need to have a hunk of salt pork.  And no way was I buying an industrial piece from the supermarket!  I was so ecstatic to find that New Roots Farm had just my hunk of salt pork I had been hoping for!  So thanks for bring salt pork to the market!

I also picked up some more gifts which included maple hot sauce from Sugarmomma's Maple Farm and a bottle of vino from Jewell Towne Vineyards. (wine photo by Karen Marzloff)

I also had an amazing coffee experience.  It turns out I've never really tried fresh roasted coffee before (we're talking like, last night roasted freshness).  Red Rover Coffee Roasting treated the market goers to free samples and I was completely floored by the flavor.  I'm the type who needs extra cream/extra sugar when I drive though the-coffee-shop-that-shall-remain-nameless, BUT with Red Rover coffee I only need a dab of cream and it was beyond scrumptious.  I know it sounds like they're paying me to write this, but believe me, they're not!  Try it for yourself!

Overall I was quite the happy market goer, as were many others!  I hope to see you at some these upcoming January markets:
  • January 9th, Seacoast Eat Local's Winter Farmers' Market at Exeter High School
  • January 16th, Newmarket Winter Farmers' Market at the Stone Church
  • January 16th, Rye Winter Farmers' Market at the Congregational Church
  • January 23rd, Seacoast Eat Local's Winter Farmers' Market at Wentworth Greenhouses

Lastly, check out this short video clip from the 12/5 Wentworth Greenhouses Winter Farmers' Market.

Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers' Market, Dec 5, 2009 from Seacoast Eat Local on Vimeo.

(photos by Karen Marzloff)


Life Looms Large December 20, 2009 at 7:22 AM  

So much great food and goodies! I can't believe I missed it!!


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