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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

National One-Minute Raw Milk Survey (NORMS)

This will be just a quick post to encourage you to head over to the Journal of Natural Food and Healing and take the National One-Minute Raw Milk Survey (NORMS).  This survey is for raw milk drinkers and non-raw milk drinkers alike!

The survey started December 1st and preliminary results have been released.

The Journal of Natural Food and Healing is sponsoring an informal Raw Milk Survey. So far, 1030 responses were received (from Dec 1 to Dec 20) of which 85% were raw milk drinkers. Here is a summary of the findings so far.

Health Benefits (of 877 raw milk drinkers)
74% have much health benefit
24% some
2% none

What all responders said about pasteurized milk:
62% believe it has long-term health effects
15% say it makes them very sick
40% say it tastes terrible
30% say it upsets their stomach
16% say it gives them diarrhea
And 53% say they will not spend their money to support the Milk Monopoly hurting dairy farmers

They will pay more for raw milk than for pasteurized
35% will pay double
26% will pay triple
16% will pay 50% more
5% will pay 25% more

90% of the raw milk drinkers will disobey the law to obtain it

There were 250 dairy farmers (or speaking for dairy farmers) responding:
If raw milk sales is or will be illegal:
53% will use herdshare programs where groups own a share of the herd
24% will disobey the law
11% will probably disobey the law
Only 3% will stop providing raw milk and obey the law
7% have to think about what they would do

Pretty amazing stuff.  Just this week I heard a testimonial from my mom.  She bought raw milk and cream from Brookford Farm for our Christmas festivities.  She told me later in the week she noticed she didn't have "tummy rumbles" after drinking the raw milk vs. when she drank commercial milk!  Score for raw milk!  Why Drink Raw Milk

The survey is still on going. If you have not done so, please take the one-minute survey.

Here's where you can purchase raw milk on the Seacoast.


Deanna Larson December 30, 2009 at 7:44 AM  

Hey Ginny, thought you might like to know that Elfs will soon be carrying Brookford Farm's Raw milk and such. Yeah!

Virginia December 30, 2009 at 10:31 AM  

Oh good to know! Calef's in Barrington also carries Brookford milk. :)

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