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Monday, September 20, 2010

Nourish Your Family From the Inside Out

I received an e-mail from Tracey Miller of Tracey Miller Wellness announcing some upcoming classes.  I took a few of her classes last year and they were info-packed and just wonderful.  Try one out if you haven't yet, you won't be disappointed...

Back to school means meal times get shorter as kids run out the door to catch the bus or eat a quick meal in between classes. But don't let sugary breakfasts and high-carb lunches zap their energy and pack on the extra pounds! Work schedules and soccer games can also put healthy dinners on the back burner (or the microwave) and the daily grind of "figuring out what's for dinner" gets old real quick! But healthy meals can be quick.

Join me this fall for three cooking classes that combine BOTH food preparation AND nutrition to give you new ideas for meals, and teach you the most important information you need to keep your family healthy. I'll also give you tips for menu planning along with my handy menu planner and a list of dos and don'ts to help you and your family avoid foods that will put your blood sugar on a roller coaster and compromise your immune system.

September 29
Thinking Outside the Box: Wholesome Breakfasts and Lunches for Kids
and Grown Ups Too

Are you (and your kids!) tired of the same old things for breakfast and lunch and relying on too much processed food? I'll give you new recipes to get you thinking outside the cereal box for breakfast and get inside the lunch box with colors, textures, and shapes that adults and kids will love. I'll show you how to make foods "fun" without fancy packaging and without lots of additives and preservatives.

October 13
The Fall Harvest: In Salads, Sides, Soups & Snacks!
When the growing season winds down, it's easy to give up on eating bountiful local vegetables and trade them in for limp supermarket seconds. Learn about the benefits of seasonal eating and why we all need more (good) fats and proteins as the fall gives way to winter. I'll show you how to make nutrient-dense beef, chicken and fish stocks as a base for cold-weather soups and stews. You'll also learn how to prepare some wonderful grass-fed meats like beef and pork as well as some tried and true ideas for getting more deep leafy greens like chard and kale into your families' diet.

November 3
Building Your Immune System to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays
Your child's immune system is still developing, so now is the time to help build up their resistance to common childhood ailments like colds, ear infections, and allergies. Learn how the body protects itself against nasty colds and flus and which nutrients are the most important to help boost your child's immune system and learn how boost its fighting power - from the inside out!

Register now for one or all three classes. Each class is $40 and includes dinner. Receive $5 off if you sign up for two or more classes. (Each class will be $35.) Bring a friend and get an additional $5 off. Click on the links below to register:

Thinking Outside the Box: Wholesome Breakfasts and Lunches for Kids (and Grown Ups Too!)
The Fall Harvest In Salads, Sides, Soups & Snacks
Building Your Immune System to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays!

Email me at tracey@traceymillerwellness.com if you have any questions or call me at 603-380-1080.

I also provide health coaching for individuals and families. I offer nutritional guidance, menu planning, and cooking instruction to help you understand and reduce your cravings, lose weight and increase your energy your energy and feel better in your body. My approach focuses on helping you create a lifestyle of healthy eating which nourishes you and puts your body in balance - without deprivation and counting calories. Call me about my free health consultation to learn more about how I can help you.

See you in the kitchen!
Tracey Miller, 603-380-1080


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