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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shopping Kids Consignment in Style

One way to save a little green is to shop consignment for kids clothes, equipment and toys.  It also keeps those clothes (some hardly used!) out of the landfills.  What a great way to recycle/reuse and save some money!  There is an awesome upcoming Kids Consignment event next week in Bedford, NH.  Over 8000 items have already been listed!  Check it out:

Savvy parents and grandparents are discovering how rewarding it is to shop kids consignment sales, discovering a way to save money in a tough economy while providing kids with the best. If you are new to consignment sale shopping, here are some tips for making the sale work for you!

Leave time to shop: First time consignment shoppers are often surprised at the thousands of items under one roof; racks upon racks of clothing, tables of toys and books, rows of strollers and baby gear! Once you get inside, you’ll really want to look around.

Bring your kids’ measurements: Many consignment sales do not have dressing rooms. Either write the measurements on paper, trace a shoe or mark a tape measure so you can easily determine if the size is right.

Shop more than one size: Many brands are sized differently so shopping the size above and below your child’s size is often a good idea.

Bring a wish list: Bring a list of what items your child needs so you don’t miss shopping for the essentials. It’s easy to get carried away with all of the items!

Think holidays: Many families shop for the holiday toys at consignment sales to take the stress off of spending during the holiday season.

Shop early: Shoppers know good deals and the best deals get sold quickly. See if you qualify for a pre-sale pass. Many sales offer perks to shop early for consignors, volunteers and new moms/moms-to-be.

Be prepared to wait: Consignment sales are run largely by volunteers who are working hard to keep the sales floor organized and lines moving smoothly. Still, if you shop during the busiest times, there may be a wait for sales assistance and check out.

Bring a friend and a laundry basket: It’s fun to shop with a friend and will be easier to carry your items to check out, particularly if you find some larger items.

Get ready to shop!

NH Kids Consignment Sale
Saturday, Sept. 25th, 9am to 1pm
Sunday, Sept. 26th, 9am to noon (last hour many items ½ off!)
McKelvie School , Bedford , NH ( 108 Liberty Hill Rd )


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