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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Upcoming Nature Classes for Kids

Nature's Stepping Stones of Barrington, NH is offering three unique opportunities to get your child into nature this fall.

Nature’s Stepping Stones is a private practice located on 12 acres of wooded land and surrounded by 50 acres of conservation land. This unique program is designed to help children learn about nature’s many wonders and to appreciate all that the great outdoors offers. Being in nature helps children to relax and to attend, gain strength and coordination, learn first-hand about life, increase confidence, foster creativity, and integrate the senses.

The first is their In-Depth Nature Series for kids ages 5-9, starting off with the first session exploring Native American culture.
This program will tie in literacy (i.e., reading Native American legends around the fire at twilight) and journaling and will provide parents with extra materials that they can bring home to further enrich their children's learning if desired. This will be an excellent experience for homeschoolers as well as any young child ages 5 to 9 years to enrich and further their knowledge of the world around them. Not only will they be learning a great deal of information, but they will be having a blast!  
There will be four more sessions after this fall session:
  • Session 2: Woodland Creatures Part I (6 weeks)
  • Session 3: Woodland Creatures Part II (6 weeks)
  • Session 4: Study of Arthropods (6 weeks)
  • Session 5: Native American Gardening (6 weeks) 
Classes will begin on Tuesday, September 21st and will run from 3:30 to 5:30pm. There are only 2 spots left for Session 1.

The next opportunity is the Food Appreciation class for kids ages 4-9.
Do you often find yourself telling your children to eat their vegetables? Or to take a few more bites of their meal? Kids are more likely to eat their vegetables and fruits if they learn where their foods come from. I have seen it with my own children. Before gardening, my children did not like “spicy” foods, now they munch on herbs such as chives without a second glance. Kids are also more likely to eat meals that they help prepare. Therefore, these weekly classes will combine the two enriching experiences of both gardening and cooking to help children maximize their appreciation and enjoyment in dealing with food.
Sure to be a great class with only two more spots open for the fall session.  Classes will begin September 23rd, 2010 and will run on a 6-week cycle.  (Update 9/10: class is full, connect with Nature's Stepping Stones to be alerted of the next available class.)

The last fall opportunity is a one-day seasonal camp on October 16 from 9 am - 12 pm.
We will be having a mini fall camp, winter camp, and spring camp for ages 4 to 9 . They will be doing everything from going on a hayride through the woods to observe the changing of the leaves in the fall to sledding and making home-made hot cocoa over an open fire in the winter time.
There's only one more camp spot open so register quick!  (Update 9/10: camp is full, connect with Nature's Stepping Stones to be alerted of the next available camp.)

I can not speak highly enough of Nature's Stepping Stones!  Lucy loved her summer camp experience and can't wait to go to the fall sessions!

Must we always teach our children with books?  Let them look
at the stars and the mountains above.  Let them look at the waters
and the trees and flowers on Earth.  Then they will begin to think,
and to think is the beginning of a real education.
-  David Polis 


Holly September 23, 2010 at 11:11 PM  

My daughter Eva is signed up for the fall camp day in october. I can't wait. Angie is so nice. This is great you mentioned her business in your blog!

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