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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Locavore Gift Idea #1

Since it's December 1st I figured it's time to get thinking about gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas season.  So throughout the month I will be featuring different ideas for stellar local gifts your friends and family will love to receive.

Up first is is fresh roasted coffee from Red Rover Coffee Roasting.  Who doesn't love the smell of coffee brewing.  I have sampled this coffee a few times and truly delicious.  

There a few different options for this gift.  If you're looking for a show stopper, why not sign up the recipient for Rover @ Home.  You can choose from a 3 month or 6 month programs, once or twice a month and starting at a low $31 it's a no-brainer.  There are other perks for this program so check it out!

The second option is to either just buy a pound of coffee (make sure to buy it close to the gifting time for optimal flavor and freshness) or try out one of their gift packs that comes complete with a handy stainless steel coffee scoop (that doubles as a bag clip!).  You can either have this gift delivered or you can save 10% and pickup at one of the upcoming Newmarket, Exeter or Rollinsford farmers' market.  How convenient!

If you can't decide, opt for their Red Rover Gift eCoupon which will let the bearer choose what they like best!  These are great for last minute gifts because the eCoupon is e-mailed to you and then you can forward this to the recipient to be redeemed online.  

If you do choose this awesome gift, I would love it if you let them know that Virginia of Living the Local Life sent you.  The opinion herein is my own and I was not paid or compensated for this post.  Red Rover Coffee has a referral program where I have a chance to earn free coffee.  So I appreciate you letting them know I sent you! And yes, the coffee is amazing.  If you've never had freshly roasted coffee, you're missing out!

**Oh don't forget that the coffee grounds can go into you compost bin as well!  If you vermicompost, I know the worms love the grounds!


Geek+Nerd December 4, 2010 at 7:15 AM  

I love the idea for this series of posts, how wonderful! As you know from reading my blog, I made most of my Christmas presents by hand. The few things that I do end up buying, I try to buy local or from an artisan at a craft fair/Etsy. I bought coffee for my brother in law from another NH roaster that you might want to check out; http://www.blackbearcoffee.com/. They make a coffee called Dark Sin, which is ridiculously good, great for the holidays. Their products are available at Philbricks, or can be shipped via their website :)

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