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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paperback Swap

Are you looking for a way to clear out some of your home library or maybe freshen it up with a few new books? Then PaperBackSwap.com is your answer!

First off, I'm not being paid for this review, it's just an awesome service I've been using to trade in my old books for some new-to-me books. Actually, this is how I'm growing my library of cookbooks.

There are no gimmicks, just list your books, wait for users to request them and then mail them out. When they're received you'll receive credits in return and then you can go and select the book(s) you want from other users.

So this is how you get started...gather up at least 10 books and register at Paperback Swap. Be sure to use my e-mail address as your referral (momtolucy05 (at) yahoo.com) so I can snag an extra credit! Gotta love free advertising, and thanks for registering!

When you register 10 books you'll instantly receive two credits to pick any two books listed as available. Can't beat two free books, right? And I'm sure you'll too get quite addicted. I'm scouring my house for any unused books I can pass along. What a great way to recycle books.

And may I highly recommend one of my newest favorite cookbooks from Paperback Swap? I'm totally in love with my "Simply Colorado" cookbook. It has such simple straightforward healthy recipes. I probably have two dozen recipes tagged for future experiments. And I've already tried their zucchini bread and black bean soup and both were delicious and health-conscious. So go ahead and snag the ONE copy available on PBS! You won't regret it.

Go ahead and try it, I promise you'll love it, it's so easy to use.


Stephanie,  September 14, 2008 at 5:33 PM  

Hey there Virginia! Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. I have been reading your recipes and I need to try some of them. I think I am going to go sign up for the paperback swap. Tim had tons of books!

Take care! Stephanie

Tina O.,  September 22, 2008 at 3:48 PM  

Hi there!
I just signed up and already have to mail a book! Thanks for link, your email was in there as the referral, so you should be receiving credit soon, be sure to check. Thanks!

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