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Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheesemaking Class!

Interested in learning how to make cheese? Jennifer Betancourt, from Silver Moon Creamery, will be at the Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School this coming Saturday (October 25) teaching a cheese making class. The cost is $40 and it's happening from 12-2 pm in York, ME. Here's an class description from the Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School website:

Do you love cheese? Ever wonder what goes into making that fresh mozzarella or farmer's cheese you pick up at the farmers market? Come spend some time with the folks who make the cheese at Silvery Moon Creamery, and learn what it takes to transform farm fresh milk into cheese. We'll walk you through the basic steps of cheese making and show you how to add the culture, the rennet and actually make fresh mozzarella and farmer cheese. The mozzarella curd will be made ahead of time but we'll provide recipes so you can do it yourself at home, and then we'll ask you to roll up your sleeves and do some stretching yourself. Participants will leave the class with recipes, lists of suppliers and of course, cheese!
Sounds like a fun time. I'm trying to convince my husband and budget to let me go! You can enter your contact information right on Stonewall Kitchen's website and they will contact you to confirm your registration and arrange payment. Another perk of attending a cooking school class if that you get 10% your Stonewall Kitchen purchase that day.


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