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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

For Earth Day I am going to 'recycle' a few old posts that have to do with living greener.

Enjoy your day and make an effort to make one thing in your daily life more green. Babysteps!

Quick update - I've been calling around all morning searching out coarse grade vermiculite. I mentioned this in my garden post above. I have confirmed that Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies in Tewksbury, MA (other locations as well) has coarse grade vermiculite. Their price is $22.18 for 6 cu. ft.

Also, I found out that Cameron's Home and Garden Center in Farmington, NH sells coarse grade vermiculite as well. Their price is $19.99 for a 4 cu. ft. bag. I hope this information helps someone!


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