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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twaddleton's Cheese

I've been wanting to share this great children's book by a local author with you for awhile, but I've neglected to, and now the timing is perfect!

The story is Twaddleton's Cheese by Maine local, Ryan T. Higgins. Here's a story summary:

A future timeless classic, Twaddleton’s Cheese is the cheesy tale of a town that decides to make cheese. Before they know know it, production starts to gets out of hand and the townspeople (or Twaddletoneeze, if you please) have to make some hard decisions before business goes sour. In over their heads, it’s up to some unlikely heroes to save the day.
I'm excited to announce that he'll be at Starbucks this Thursday for a story time to remember! He'll read Twaddleton's Cheese and sign copies of the books for you and your family. We absolutely adore our copy and I hope my kids treasure it for years to come. It has great rhyming story line which makes it that much more fun to read. Be sure to head over to Starbucks this Thursday for an enchanted evening of story telling!

What: Storytime with author Ryan T. Higgins
Location: Starbucks on Woodbury Ave in Portsmouth, NH
Time: July 23rd at 4 pm

I will leave you with a quote from the book:

“We all know that money does not grow on trees,
but nobody said it can’t grow on cheese.”
Said the Twaddleton’s Mayor
To the Twaddletoneez.

He had a cheese factory built on a hill.
He hired cheese-makers with cheese making skill.

But even before the first workday was through,
They made so much cheese they no one knew what to do.


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