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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Locavore Gift Idea #5

Today's gift is not food!  Today I want to share with you two of the newest authors on Seacoast.  Meeet Eowyn and Christopher of Dancing Skunk Media and their new book, Skunk Zoo.  From the author, Christopher
Skunk Zoo is a fun book told in rhyme with bright cut paper illustrations and cut paper text. It is a family's trip to the imaginary Skunk Zoo where they see amazing skunks that not only look cute (and smell) but play instruments, dance ballet and more. We live in a wonderful part of rural New Hampshire. Last year, when Eowyn was 3, we went for a walk. Eowyn was next to me and her little sister was in her Mei Tai on my back. I told Eowyn that we should go to a zoo some day to see the animals. Eowyn said "I want to go to the Skunk Zoo". Starting with "What's that", and being shamed by the answer, "A zoo with skunks", I asked her questions all the way home.
While her sister napped and Eowyn enjoyed her daily quiet time, I wrote up the first draft of this book, based on the answers to all my questions. Later, I read it to her and fixed the parts where she saw literary weakness. As the book continued to develop, Eowyn continued to explain how it could be better. "No Daddy, it's not supposed to be a rock band". "It's been a rock band for months now, and the pictures are almost done". "Daddy, it's supposed to be a Skunk Ballerina." "Could I just add a Skunk Ballerina?" Every one of her creative improvements was incorporated, and all art was approved by her.
I definitely know a little girl in my house who will be getting a copy for Christmas.  What child in your family would love a copy of this unique book written by a pair of local authors?

You can buy your copy of Skunk Zoo on Amazon here: Skunk Zoo.  You also have the opportunity to purchase the book and have it autographed by both authors this Friday at the Calef's Store in Barrington, NH at their annual Holiday Soiree.  The Soiree is taking place from 5 pm - 8 pm, you can buy your autographed copy of Skunk Zoo as well as enjoy wine tastings with local wineries, appetizers and school choir caroling.  I'm sure you could fine some more local gifts at Calef's so you can check off even more of that shopping list!

You can also find Dancing Skunk Media on Facebook.


Anonymous,  December 9, 2010 at 10:47 AM  

So funny you posted this. When Deanna was about 4 riding her bike with training wheels, to keep her mind off of falling she would sing this song that she made up about butterfly wings,bees and farmers markets. Everyday it would be the same song, I then decided to sit on the porch and write down what she was singing. When she entered school and they were putting together little books she used her song. After talking to her about it, we decided to write it out for ourselves and she sketched out drawings,and it has been sitting in rough draft stage ever since. The other day I contacted a self publishing company who contacted me yesterday. We may actually give it a try!

forever growing December 9, 2010 at 10:50 AM  

My comment came up Anonymous, hmmm but that is me up there!

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