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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunny Saturday Market

Yet another stellar winter farmers market at the Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford!  The warmth of the sun in the greenhouse, friends and farmers to chat with and, best of all, all the local food, baked treats, homemade crafts, and specialty items!!

This market I picked up fixings to make chicken stock, onions and carrots. Tracey Miller posted a great stock recipe based on Nourishing Traditions.  I also picked up potatoes for another meal.  These came from Heron Pond Farm who are starting up their summer CSA sign ups!  I also purchased my old stand by, Grade B maple syrup from none other than Sugarmomma!

My favorite purchase has to be my lard from New Roots Farm.  I'm quite excited to cook some eggs or veggies with this tasty treat!  Here's a great excerpt on lard from the article "Taking the Fear Out of Eating Fat" by the Weston A. Price Foundation:

Lard is a traditional fat, the mention of which causes us moderns to cringe. Yet lard is a healthy, natural fat. Lard is rendered fat from pork and is mostly monounsaturated. Lard can be a wonderful source of vitamin D. Traditionally, lard has been used and enjoyed for pastries and frying potatoes—until the vegetable oil industry took over. Don't be afraid to experiment with lard in your kitchen, it will add lots of flavor to your food.
Also, New Roots Farm sold out of 300 lbs of pork (including 100 lbs of bacon), again, in only a matter of hours!

There's a buzz around the local community about a new winter farmers market in NH.  Concord is following suite with three winter markets inside the Cole Gardens greenhouse.  The dates will be the last Saturday of January, February and March from 10 am - 2 pm.  I have updated the market information on the far right column of the blog.  Here's some of what you can expect to find at the upcoming markets:

  • Molly Lane Gardens – Pittsfield, NH (jams and jellies)
  • Sanders Fish Market – Portsmouth, NH
  • Meadow View Farm – Sutton, NH (lamb, beef and eggs)
  • Rising Stone Bakery – Derry, NH (baked goods)
  • Bonnie Brae Farms – Plymouth, NH (venison)
  • Grand View Farms – Canterbury, NH (lamb, maple syrup)
  • Two Sisters Garlic – Canterbury, NH (garlic and garlic jellies)
  • Will n’ Rose’s – New Boston, NH (granola and trail snacks)
  • Rolling in the Dough – Sanbornton, NH (breads and pastries)
  • Abigail’s Bakery – Weare, NH (organic breads)
  • Kelly Corner Farm – Chichester, NH (lamb, chicken and eggs)
  • Mrs. Beasley’s Gourmet Dog Treats – Weare, NH
  • Twist of Fate Farm – Dunbarton, NH (beef, pork, lamb and chicken)
  • The Mill Fudge Factory – Bristol, NH
  • Catamount Farm – Barnstead, NH (dairy products)
  • The Vegetable Ranch – Warner, NH (vegetables)
  • Earth Made – Concord, NH (body care products)
  • Miles Smith Farm – Loudon, NH (grass-fed beef)
  • Hackleboro Orchards – Canterbury, NH (apples, honey and maple syrup)
  • PetChew – South Sutton, NH (dog chews)
  • Joan’s Famous Composting Worms – Henniker, NH
  • Eric’s Greenhouse – Pelham, NH (vegetables, honey and eggs)'
For more information, contact Joan O’Connor at joconnornh @ yahoo . com.  You can also print a PDF flyer to help spread the word!

I think I'll also make this a reminder post...don't forget about these upcoming events:


Alicia January 24, 2010 at 7:43 PM  

I literally live 5 minutes from there and I missed it!!!

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